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Dienstag, 7. Februar 2012, 17:20

My English is very bad, I think. But I hope you'll understand me anyway ;)


Age: 14

Location at the moment: Düren (a very, very small town)

Where are you from originally?: Düren

Favourite bands: Beatsteaks, Jennifer Rostock, Kraftklub, Turbostaat...

Other interests: go riding, listening to music, playing the piano...

Best gig you've ever been to: Sadly I've never been to a gig

Ideal band to play with the Beatsteaks: Die Ärzte

How did you get into the Beatsteaks: I listened to the radio, when there was played Cheap Comments. For a long time this was my fav song. I searched for more songs of the beatsteaks and I just thought "This band is fantastic!" :)

Job: Student

The most interesting fact about you: Mh... I don't know :D I think I'm not as interesting as some other people here! :D

Hair colour: blond

Eye colour:

1,60 m

Favourite colour:
Mhh.. I don't red? balck?

Favourite food:
vegetary food *yummy*. Oh, I LOVE chocolate :D

Favourite drink:
raspberry tea

What do/did you want to be when you grow up?:
I want to be a radio host

Goal for the next 12 months?:
Visiting some gigs... and getting a good school report... :D

The one thing you would never wear:
pink! :D

If you could suggest one thing for people to try what would it be?:
Not being interested in what other people think of you! :D