The What-have-you-been-up-to-last-weekend-topic

  • Okay I suffer from insomnia, so tada! another thread :D

    well fuck it anyway..

    back to the topic:

    so it was football day, and there was a party on the grote markt in groningen, nice 8)
    untill we lost our keys and couldn't go home till my friends mom got home again.. sucked. but good excuse to stay in town till 8 in the morning. So that's what we did! Was quite nice, armin van buuren was playin (it's trance music so not my style, but still kinda nice) and lucie silvas.. I can't stand that b*tch..
    Was funny we were watchin lucie silvas and her band when my friend said: "look at the guy with the guitar and the hat, he looks like the leadsinger of the beatsteaks!" :rolleyes: rright, I didn't buy it.. untill he climbed on the piano and the back of the stage and jumped into the audience haha, very weird, but fun! I was standing to far away to check out the face of the guy (of course it wasn't arnim.. but still: WEIRD) so we had a blast even though lucie silvas totally sucks :headbang:
    and after all of that there was a big fight so we left and partied inside the club, very nice btw.. so nice weekend, and we're still lookin for our keys, hehe :uglyhammer_2:

    okay.. still not sleepy, fuck sake :(

  • I don't think I remember what I did last weekend..
    Oh yea, it wasn't that great, as any weekend.
    I went to the bar with my friend (as usual, like we do any weekend) and there we met the other guys from the group.. we talked.. my ex (who's part of the group) tried to flirt with me again (for the 98754124857854th time) whereas he told us an hour before that he and his girlfriend will live together in September. Whatever. I'm used to that stuff. And as usual, he obviously won't "go further" with her. We left the bar at... 1am or so. We took my friend's car and went to a parc, listening to sad music like Back to California, To Sheila, Stand Inside Your Love and all that jazz.. We listened to the songs very loudly until I was staring at the rearview mirror and saw someone's head passing by. I started freaking out! I told my friend who quickly started up the car. But we got all scared... We're wimps! :mrgreen:
    I went back home at about 2am.
    It was nice!

    We love going to a parc at night, standing in the car, drinking beers.. it's cool! Cheaper than bar's beers! But scarier! :mrgreen:

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  • Zitat

    Original von Mri
    haha omfg, you saw somebody's head passing by? that's scary!!! I would run to :mrgreen:

    I wasn't drunk, just to clear things up.. :mrgreen:
    I couldn't see the body since I was looking by the rearview mirror..

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  • ahh thats sooo creepy!

    i just revised last weekend and watched a hell of a lot of prison break! Nothing spectacular happened...but then you had random and action filled weekends...if everyone had them, the balance in the world wouldn;t be

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  • this weekend, i went out with my friends which ended up being an awful night. :( we all argued but we have made up again. On friday we had a nice barbecue and sunday i started to get ill and spend all day in bed watching the Godfather. lol :uglyhammer_2:

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  • I went out with my best friend on Friday. It was an OK evening. Nothing special. Then Saturday I did nothing.
    Sunday I met loads of people from the good old school days as Monday was a holiday here. And we went to our local club, which was ok, the best thing was seeing some of the guys again.(this local club was voted 2nd worst in Britain about 3 years ago and 7th worst in Europe around the same time!hahaha!)

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  • lol! excellent! actually I didnt do anything exciting.
    I met two friends for a DVD evening with chinese take-away food. But the foodtook 1 hour and a half to be delivered! rubbishness. but it was hot and yummy when we got it so we quickly forgot that we were

    And we watched Just Friends starring Ryan Reynolds and the main girl out of Scary Movie. One of my favourite films.:P

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  • Nothing!
    As usual!
    My dad came back from work (he works in Paris the week and comes back home the weekend) on friday night.
    I'm always stressed when he comes back because I'm used to having the house for me only.. (my mum lives 700km away from here)
    I was at my sister in law's birthday on sunday though.. which wasn't that great..
    Hopefully it didn't last too much..
    Oh and then we went to the fair, with her, my bro and their daughter. She's so cute.. I don't like babies, but she's lovely. And so funny, in the roundabouts :D

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  • ok Iwent to the Get Happy are some picsPics on Myspace

    Incase you are wondering...I am the taller girl with longer lighter hair,who is less often featured as the camera died!

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  • this weekend I pulled an 'amy-winehouse' and got totally wasted. Its been months seen I drank that much. But I had fun. And now, a headace.

  • awww!headaches arent fun though! i went out friday and randomly met the people we met last week. was funny because last week we made friends because i accidently kicked one of them and this time we just joked about that and did funny dancing contests! apart from that i did lots of uni work.xmas holidays startin 2 weeks! :vogel_3: timeflies!

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  • just got back from the thanksgiving break.
    beach in november still sounds odd :uglyhammer_2: it was really cool, though. well, until the temperature changed to 13 Celsius. didn't keep me from using the pool.
    aaa and now some weeks of school and then christmas break :headbang:
    how i love christianity :vogel_3:

  • so it has been a while since we updated what we have been up to during the weekend...i actually worte on my German-Jewish essay ..boooring I know...but then yesterday (Saturday) we had a friend round and i made nice food and then we had cake. In the end me and her went for a chat down the pub and it was such a nice evening. sometimes the relaxing ones are way more fun than the full of action ones. I like being sponaneous and everythijng about yesterday was and it was one of the best days i have had in a long time. how about you? do anything nice on the weekend?

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  • i just had an amzing weekend, met lots of awesome people, had a laugh and still cant believe it all...more on that tomorrow....more parying to do tonight...anyone else do something fun?

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  • i made swiss food for my american friends.
    and i, not being religious, went to church with a friend. and it was really interesting!
    wow and now it's the last week of school. yay! and then 1 more months and i'm back home again. gosh i'm torn