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    "The Beatsteaks are a punk band from Berlin, Germany, formed in 1995. At the MTV Europe Music Awards of 2004, they won an award for "Best German Act". They made their debut to American audience on the MTV television program, Viva La Bam and are making an appearance on his upcoming compilation CD entitled Viva La Bands with their Smack Smash album track "I Don?t Care as Long as You Sing". They have also appeared on various Punk-O-Rama compilations."

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    "The Beatsteaks formed in 1995 in their native Germany, playing local shows at food festivals and by the end of that summer, the punk-popsters were recording a demo Beatsteaks - die Erste which went on to sell more than 1000 copies. Still only in high school during this time, the Beatsteaks steared straight for their musical dreams, constantly participating in area competitions and talent shows. In 1996, the band won a competition that led them to open for the Sex Pistols in Berlin, marking the band's tenth show. The latter '90s were also spent recording and touring; in 1997 48/49 was released and a spring tour followed as well as support dates with Lagwagon, the Bloodhound Gang, Dog Eag Dog, and Faith No More. By 1999, the band inked a deal with Epitaph and recorded their major-label debut Launch with Uwe Sabirowski (Mad Sin, Thumb). The following year found them on the road, but by the end of 2001 they had settled down and were ready to step back into the studio. The results, 2002's Living Targets, were more melodic and aggressive than previous releases. "

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    Summer 1995: Beatsteaks see the light of day and bring out their first demo, which sells over 1000 copies.

    July 6, 1996: 10th gig opening for the Sex Pistols at the Berlin Arena.

    January/February 1997: Beatsteaks record their debut album "48/49" for the Berlin label, XNO, in 11 days. Tours with Lagwagon and Thumb, among others. Shows with Faith No More, Bloodhound Gang, followed by the Monsters of Hauptstadt tour.

    December 1998: The second album, LAUNCHED, is recorded for Epitaph. Beatsteaks are the first German band signed by the renowned punk rock label. Our good friend Hardcore departs, making room for friend Rock. Tours: Deconstruction Tour, Warped Tour in Europe and the US. Various festival appearances, European tour with Pennywise, German tour with Donots.

    December 2000: Beatsteaks start recording their third album, LIVING TARGETS, produced by Uwe Sabirowsky. More tours, with Die Ärzte, among others, follow, and the recordings are finalised with producer Billy Gould (Faith No More). Friend Rock takes up even more room on the new tracks. Incredible as it may be - various festival appearances follow, plus lots of shows, again with Die Ärzte, as well as with Die Toten Hosen, All, and many others. There are euro-pallets everywhere in this world, ready to be abused as stages. The famous five even find themselves shooting two videos (Let Me In/Summer), which both go down extremely well with the audience. In the meantime: Epitaph and WEA come to an agreement: the next release will be taken care of by WEA in Germany, while things will remain unchanged in the rest of the world. December 2002: Beatsteaks play their Wohnzimmer (living-room) show at the totally sold-out Columbiahalle in Berlin in front of almost 4000 fans. They're joined on stage by Rod and Farin of Die Ärzte, Demba of Seeed and the Butlers' wind section. To go with the show, the "Wohnzimmer" EP arrives at the stores, featuring seven cover songs, produced by Moses Schneider.

    October 2003: Together with their producer, Moses Schneider, Beatsteaks embark on their studio tour of Berlin. The material is played and recorded live - for a full two and a half weeks. The grand finale is a live session at Berlin's Knaack Club in front of friends. 12 of the 3786 songs are considered worthy to be mixed by Peter Schmidt at the Maschinenraum/Berlin. At last there's a name to the game: SMACK SMASH!

    March 2004: The first video "Hand in Hand" for "Smack Smash" get´s a MTV "European Network Priority" - this means 5 weeks on the highest rotations on all european mtv-stations

    September 2004: The album "Smack Smash" sold more than 100.000 units; Gold-Status in Germany; peak-position in german-album-charts: .. 11

    November 2004: Beatsteaks win the award "Best German Act" at the MTV "European Music Awards" in Roma

    December 2004: Totally sold-out german-tour in venues with 4.000 - 8.000 fans.

    January 2005: Live-Performance at the Eurosonic-Festival in Groningen, NL

    Summer 2005: Beatsteaks played the big European Festivals like Roskilde, Hurricane, Woodstock (Poland) etc.

    November 2005:
    The first Beatsteaks DVD "Die B-Seite" will be released

    March 2006: Working on a new record and therefore there is no new tour planned yet. We'll keep you informed about new dates and shows! Stay tuned and thanks for all your support!

    July 2006: We're still working on new songs for you. The heat is killing every inch of our brains, but we stay positive! Hopefully next year around this time you can listen to the new songs and we come to rock you all again! Enjoy summer and we hope we'll catch up live on stage with all of you! Keep your head cool!

    October 2006: Studiotime is no live time. We miss hanging around on stage, but we're also very excited about the new stuff. We hope you'll love it like our past albums. We'll keep you informed about release and new dates as soon as we know something. Keep on supporting us around the world. It means a lot to all of us. We'll see us all next year again!

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