Thomas Götz

  • And lastly but not least english information on Thomas GÖtz! enjoy :)

    Thomas in numbers:

    10 pairs of shoes, of which i wear 2, 65 kg heavy, lighter than the devil, before 8? never, fan letters- never, height-1,74m, incl drums podest-2,34m including record rack-2,43m, height of all records on top of each other- 3,52m

    favourite links

    The Good:
    good music

    The Bad:
    bad music

    nokia- stuck it togther myself

    What i wanted to be when i was younger
    owner of a business, secretary

    I knew i wanted to become a musician when:
    i saw that Ringo Starr was sitting on a podium and looked way taller than any of the other Beatles

    What i want to be today:
    at least 65 years old

    A statement or story that everyone believes me?
    that i can't keep the beat

    the worst tricks you played/things you did and favourite things to do when you were little
    anything to do with war toys

    Favourite things to do today:
    24 hour touring

    Favourite film/series

    Favourite songs:
    changes nearly daily: at the moment it's "Ask the Angels" - Patti Smith

    favourite joke/situation:
    i was meant to be going to Paris..however ended up in the practice room of the Beatsteaks and stayed.

    end of March you are back on the road toruing, a different city every day, most of the time on the bus...describe 24hour tour life?
    wake up, wait, coffee, wait, wash, wait, cigarette and wait, set up, wait, eat, soundcheck, wait, more coffee, wait, philosophical discussion with Torsten, wait, comparing of dick with Bernd, wait, tune Peter's guitars, wait, warm up singing with arnim, wait, concert, bed, good night prayer, restless sleep, back to the beginning

    as before, feel free to add anything respecting the guys private's sphere!:)

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