Bernd Kurtzke

  • Information about Bernd, finally in english too! :)

    Bernd in numbers:
    number of shoes:10 (7 pairs of boots, 3 pairs of chucks)
    Records: 130
    CDs:over 250..incl. all beatsteaks cds
    wardrobe: underwear- enough of it, t-shirts-not enough, jackets-nbot enough, socks- wearing one pair, i have 5 more in the wardrobe
    days that i have to get up before 8am-0 (why should i?)
    number of fanletters: none ( do something about it!)

    favourite links:

    The Good:
    my family, my friends, summer in Berlin, end of working day beer, my bed

    The Bad:
    intolerance, stubborness, winter in Berlin, no end of working day beer, not being allowed to sleep when tired, the NRA and KKK etc.

    any that works

    What i wanted to be when i was younger:
    so many things, what i didnt want to be is much easier: police man or soldier

    I knew i wanted to become a musician when:
    i didnt like doing other things anymore. but music stayed with me, nevertheless it was a slow process

    What i want to be today
    i am what i wanted to be. but i do want to get better. of course i have other interests but no drive to become great at them

    A statement or story that everyone believes me?:
    nah, no one would believe me anyway!

    the worst tricks you played/things you did and favourite things to do when you were little:
    favourite things:daydreaming
    worst tricks: putting dogshit in front of the neighbours door,newspaper over it and setting it alight...ringing the doorbell and running away

    Favourite things to do today:
    daydreaming. sitting in front of the pc, putting music together, then end of working day beer! then making a cheese sandwhich and sitting on it-perfect day

    Favourite film/series
    Series: Raumschiff Enterprise mit Cpt. Kirk etc., Film: Dark Star

    Favourite songs:
    Song: Blue Mondey - New Order, The Order of Death - Public Image Ltd.
    Album: Story of The Clash

    favourite joke/situation:
    the funniest situations are rather of the private type. oh wait: i was drunk in Hamburg once and fell over in the toilet. bruised a rip. everyone was laughing but me.

    How did you choose the title "Smach Smash"?
    well that was originally the name of the song that is now known as "loyal to none". the boss of our record company had the idea to call the album "Smack Smash", which we werent too happy about, because it wasnt our own idea.
    and now everyone says.."yep that is better".

    again feel free to add anything in this thread but keeping in mind to respect every members privacy! :)

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