Arnim Teutoburg-Weiss

  • Here is some inofrmation on Arnim for you all in english. :)

    Arnim teutoburg-weiss is the singer of the german punkrock band Beatsteaks. He was born on 29th June in 1974 in Berlin, the capital of Germany. He has a sister called Britt and wrote a song for her daughter, her nickname is Mietzi, called "Mietzi's song". You can listen to it on the second Album of the Beatsteaks called "Launched". Arnim often weras hats. Another typical thing for him is to wear funny sunglasses.
    An interesting fact is that Arnim is lefthanded. Unfortunately he has a girlfriend: Her name is Sofia. If you want to take a look at her, you have to watch their video "Hello Joe". She's the one with the dark hair standing at the ice-cream parlour

    Arnim in numbers:
    1,80 m tall (6ft) and owns about 5000 CD's

    Favourite links:

    The Good:
    My Family, My band, My bycicle

    The Bad:

    This questionnaire

    Sony Ericsson -it's shit though

    What i wanted to be when i was younger:
    That i wanted to be a musician i knew, when:
    May 20th 1995 during the first Beatsteaks gig

    What i want to be today:
    This questionnaire

    A fact or story everyone believes me:
    Jetbag,is the world's biggest manufacturer of jetski

    the worst tricks you played/things you did and favourite things to do when you were little:favourite things to do: steal
    worst trick: being violent
    worst thing: black mailing grandma

    Favourite things to do today:
    sleep, swimming, band practice, at the latest at 17:00 the first bad violent action
    Favourite film/series
    Four Rooms
    Cagney & Lacy

    Favourite songs/albums:
    Song: Berlin, Berlin
    Album: "Amore, Alter, Amore" of Lowchainz

    favourite joke/situation:
    a dick and a arse wander through the woods...

    What are the plans for the future? more touring? back to the studio?
    the first beatsteak dvd and in the summer we are playing roskilde and in the winter will write new songs

    feel free to add anything :)

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