Torsten Scholz

  • here is my translation of Torsten's questionnaire


    Torsten in numbers

    4 friends, that always need to get organsied together, 62 my bowling highscore - i hate bowling, 2 number of bass guitar strings, that i use the most and love using, 7 is the number of days per week that i appreciate that i do, what i do, 300 Watt-number of my amplifyer,(by the way, it's as much as all three guitarists have togetherübrigens), 31 years old

    Favourite Links,,,,,

    The Good
    184 cm= height, face for hats, need be (see below), very healthy change of life, lots of sport, probably a complete idiot, 4 friends,that showed me and still show me how to rock the bass guitar

    The Bad
    receeding hair line (see above), stubborn, angry quickly, all in all a complete idiot

    Mobile phone:

    What i wanted to be when I was little:
    something, never had a dream, epecially not of becoming a ... think i wanted to learn something proper, then Abitur, then studying (Dammit doesn't seem to have worked out)

    That I wanted to become a musician I knew when...:
    when Arnim asked me (about 2000 times)or much much later

    What i want to become today?

    A statment or story that everyone belives me:
    elephants are the only animals that have four knees and girraffes can clean their onw ears.

    the worst tricks you played/things you did and favourite things to do when you were little
    beating up my four little sisters, annoying them etc., smoking, taking many drugs, stealing cars, stealing, creating riots at footbal games and Bingo, doing my homework..., helping my mum at home

    Favourite things to do today:
    see above (means:doing my homework)

    Favourite series/films
    Film: Terminator 2, Gladiator, König der Fischer, Magnolien aus Stahl
    Serie: no idea, when i was little it was the "Ost-Sandmann"

    Favourite songs/albums:
    Albums: Fehlfarben "Monarchie & Alltag", The Clash "London Calling", Beginner "Bambule", B52's "High Fidelity"

    Favourite joke/funny situation:
    My Wupperthaljoke: bassist loses his job, and is told to go to Wupperthal. There he...oh forget one will find it funny.
    my first concert with the BS... I had only been playing bass guitar for 4 months and thought no one would notice. So one of the stage guys askes me "well you haven't been playing long, have you?" Arsehole".

    Explain a typicla promotion week for us?
    Well it's kind of normal, we do band practice from 17:00 til 23:00 everyday, with breaks. In between we speak about important issues or give interviews. And of course we practice with Thomas twice again before or after. And aorund all of that everyone does their won personal stuff ie. bank stuff, shopping, the website, merchandise, taxes etc. and in the evening we have a beer.

    again feel free to add anything, but respect his privates sphere. :)

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