Peter Baumann

  • This is a translation of Peter's questioannaire, please feel free to add anything but keep in mind to respect his privacy. :)

    Peter in numbers
    he weights 66.6 kg and he was hapy about that because it's "the weight of the devil",
    he has everything IMPORTANT twice- to be safe
    every three to four days a week he has to et up before 8am (and to not seem lame he doesn't tell us what the reasons are for his early mornings)
    Love letters from fans= 0 per month but he gets about 100 a week that he write himself
    every 1 to 2 months he dyes his hair (he wonders how long this nonsense is going to continue)
    6 pairs of trainers
    1 pair of quirky characteristics
    about 20 cooking books (not being used)
    2 balconys

    favourite links

    his fellow band member Arnim because he is left-handed (links means left in german)

    The Good
    Persil,...comes from above, Joe Strummer, Love, friends, Musik,
    Kofi Anahn (spelling?), dedication/devotion,honesty,Nutella on biscuits (best right before bedtime),coffee, family, hope, being puntcual, warm baths, peace

    The evil
    getting up early, road rage on the motorway, organised religion, no cigarettes or coffee talkshows (the ned is near), any form of violence, standstill, power greedy people, stupidity, broken cables for the guitar,bills and forms, bad weather fronts, Mick Hucknell (spelling again?), illnesses

    Mobile phone
    Sony-Ericson T610 ( have no idea how to use it.)

    What i wanted to be when i was younger
    test-driver for great cras, stuntman, actor, musician (finally)

    I knew i wanted to become a musician when:
    ...I heard "Breaking up" from ALL. i herad it on tape in a car with Arnim and another friend and couldn't move.
    Other bands that influenced me were Die Aerzte, Die Toten Hosen, AC/DC, Toy Dolls, and many more but when i heard ALL it clicked.

    What i want to be today
    I alwyas try to stay one of the "good" guys- thats enough.

    A statement or story that everyone believes me?
    I can't dance, but have rhythm!?

    the worst tricks you played/things you did and favourite things to do when you were little

    worst thing I did was when i was about 5 or 6 years old. I used to catch frogs and blow them up. I still feel s bad about that, that I'm constantly trying to be forgiven. Maybe it helps that I openly admitted to it? If it was possible I would now beat myself up for it.

    Favourite things to do when I was little: football, handball, annoying my brother, waiting to be able to drive, drawing guitars and motobikes

    Favourite things to do today:
    waking up without the alarm, having breakfast with friends,
    going to band practice, making plans, more band practice, chilling at home or going out with friends in the evening, maybe cook, going to bed late...shit that all sounds so boring!

    Favourite film/series

    Favourite songs:
    oops...i can't write anything, as i'm sure i ill forget something

    favourite joke/situation:
    when i was little i was in the zoo with my brother. There i always went somewhere different to where i was meant to go. After telling me several times to stay with him, he had nough and he wanted to scream my name. But his good upbringing didn't allow him to scream in public
    and so he kept it bottled inside and managed a quiet, angry "Peeeteeer", which resulted in the bottled up anger being voiced in a twice as loud fart.....what did we laugh!.

    Das Treatment von Daniel Harder hat uns am besten gefallen und mit allen kleinen Ideen die wir so hatten haben wir dann losgelegt. so geplant wie nötig. so spontan wie möglich

    tell us a bit about the video to the single "Hand in Hand" from the album "Smack Smash"
    We liked the treatment of Daniel Harder the best, and with all the small ideas we had we made a start. as planned as necessary, as spontaneous as possible.

    ..Ok feel free to add anything more in this thread about him, but let;s keep it to facts. :)

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