• What concerts have you been to and how was it?

    Ok, I have only been to one concert so far and the Beatsteaks were supporting Die Aerzte but I'll go ahead and write about it now.
    It was the concert in Darmstadt on the 16.07.2004. Enjoy and please share your expiriences :)

    When I first saw that die Aerzte and Beatsteaks were playing together I was really excited but it didn?t look like I?d be able to go because I had no money at the time and neither did my best friend Lanny. (Also she is really scared of flying and that was the cheapest option). However she turned up at my house and presented me with an early birthday present which was the ticket to go and see beatsteaks support die aerzte on the 16th July. I was so happy I didn?t know whether to laugh or cry (so I did both, especially as lanny was going through her worst phobia [flying] to be able to see them with me.
    We flew to Frankfurt on the 15th and stayed with our friend Melanie. We also made the mistake of going out to a rock club the night before and so didn?t get much sleep.
    After a train and tram journey we arrived at the stadium at about 1pm. There werent that many people queuing yet so we were able to get to the front easily. It was so hot that day and a clear blue sky and I got SO sunburnt! When the gates opened we rushed to the front and secured places on left side at the front in front of the speakers.
    Eventually the concert started at about 3pm. Chico Trujillo were introduced by Rod and their music really fitted in with the nice warm (or should I say HOT!) weather. It made me feel like I was on holiday in Spain or somewhere like that (might have to do with them singing in spanish).
    Next we thought Beatsteaks would play and so we got our little flag out (it was quite big actually) and were waving it about just to be told by Bela that Kid Alex was up next. Sadly no one really enjoyed them. And they were boo?ed after some songs. Personally I liked a couple of songs but I wasn?t impressed.
    By then we had figured out that Farin must introduce Beatsteaks next and so this time we were waving our flag about at the right time. They really got the crowd going and did a great performance. Sadly no surfboard action though. But they played personal favourites of mine such as ?Shiny Shoes? and ?Summer?. But the best moment must have been during ?I don?t care as long as you sing? when absolutely everyone seemed to be jumping to the beat and just went crazy.
    Funniest moment was when Arnim was swinging the mic about and it actually came off and flew into the crowd. His face was exactly like this - 8o
    Peter carried on singing with a smile on his face kind of amused by the situation. But a new mic was presented very quickly and the concert continued without any other major problems.
    Another funny moment was when Arnim (don?t know why he always does the stupid stuff) was trying to get the crowd to move to the left and right. But what he hadnt realised was, that his left is the crowd?s right.
    After having played their ?last? song they came back onstage once more to play a ?Toten Hosen? (Opelgang maybe). Bela and Farin ran on stage and sang on Bernd?s microphone. This made me laugh because it really emphasised how small Bernd really is. But then Bela and Farin are quite tall as well.
    All in all it was a great beatsteaks concert although a bit short but long for a support band. Cant wait until my next gig!

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  • okfinally my review of the gig in vienna...sorry it's long and it has lots of other stuff in it too! lol. hope you dont get too bored while reading it...if you read it at all.:P

    Wien Arena- 31.05.2007-06-01

    How long have I waited for this?! My first Beatsteaks concert! I mean I have seen them live once before, but that was a support band for Die Aerzte, a proper Beatsteaks concert is something completely different, as I noticed last night.
    First of all me and my friend Nicole met up at 3pm. We both had some pizza and then decided to go to the venue. We didn?t need to yet. There were only three other girls there and they were nearly half our age. So we decided to go to the petrol station round the corner. As it was quite a nice warm day, I immediately suggested buying ice cream?ok I admit it had nothing to do with the weather?I always suggest buying ice cream?I love ice cream. Both of us liked the idea and got some random flavoured water?it was the flavour strawberries and pepper!? What did it taste like? Nicole said like chewing gum! I don?t think it tasted of much. It was a weird drink nevertheless.
    I was quick to choose my ice cream and we noticed two guys in the shop with us. They were speaking English and although they spoke it with an American accent we assumed they had something to do with Jamie T. Oh boy how wrong were we! But a little bit more about that later.;)
    The funny thing was Nicole couldn?t decide what ice cream she wanted and neither could one of the American guys. But they decided at exactly the same moment and pulled open the fridge together. Lol. Made us laugh.
    After that incident we went back to the Arena anyway and sat in the sun with the ants that were everywhere and rolled our eyes at the youth of today. I mean they all pretend to be so hardcore, drinking beer and smoking etc?maybe I?m just too old and detached from the teenagers of today.
    Anyway the doors opened at 6pm. And a few people had turned up by then. No problem getting into the front though. Last time I saw the live I stood on the left in front of lovely Bernde, so this time we went for the right side in front of Peter. I also bought a couple of shirts as one of my old ones is so broken and so I spent a little more than I intended?actually I tried buying three but I was missing three euros?how embarrassing?if I hadn?t bought the drink and ice cream it would have been fine.lol!
    Then we continued to wait in the front. The barrier was pretty high. If my short friend had come along I doubt she would have been able to see anything. A quick scan of the first three rows told us that once again we were the oldest. Well later a few older people that pushed in joined us in the front.
    The concert was meant to start at 7pm but for some reason started late. After the background waiting music had repeated itself twice Jamie T came on stage. Not my sort of thing even though they are from England and I maybe should stick up for them?well I think they are awful. So there is my review.
    But for a laugh I got out my England flag which me and a friend made years ago and which I took it along to get signed by the Beatsteaks.
    We decided to tie it on the barrier and leave it out for the Beatsteaks to see, too. And it was seen.
    While Jamie T were playing I got my camera settings right to take some good pictures later?however some people moshing got in the way of that, causing my camera to get broken. *cries* I was so annoyed and angry! The pictures would have been really good as well. Luckily I met a lovely girl who will send me some pictures later.

    The guys started playing shortly after Jamie T. No idea when though. I was too caught up with my broken camera.
    They started with a weird Intro which I kind of liked and then played As I Please. The crowd went mad from the first song onwards. There was tonnes of crowd surfing and the atmosphere was great. I think best atmosphere I have had at a concert in Austria?Austrian concert goers often don?t really party, at least that has been my experience?but this night was amazing!
    Twice Arnim stood on the barriers, once on the left of the stage and once directly by us during Sharp, Coll & Collected. He was standing directly over Nicole?s head?her words??I felt sexually harassed!? haha! It was amazing even though we were crushed when he was standing there?but then when didn?t we get crushed? I had forgotten how well he can move and dance! Would love to dance with him one day! You don?t find many guys that can move like that!
    Sadly because of the height of the stage we couldn?t see Thomas very well but every now and then when he stood up we got to see him. Peter was his usual cute self smiling all the time??Ach Peter!? ;)
    During Atomic Love Arnim went over to the balcony bit on our side and jumped into the middle of the crowd..topless! and crowd surfed back over our heads to the stage!
    Bernd was also topless at some point.
    My absolute highlights were Panic, Shiny Shoes, Sabotage, Bad Fish including Dj part and when everyone got on their knees for Let me in. I was just sitting on people when that happened.lol.
    The concert finished with Schlecht! I was scared they wouldn?t play it at some point but it was a great. ending.
    And then Arnim and Torsten sang along to an Oasis song with the crowd and applauded with the crowd together! Was a nice ending. :P
    Afterwards we managed to meet Thomas, Bernd and Arnim. Then while hanging around we had a little chat with Bernd. At around 2 am when they all left I managed to meet Torsten briefly as well but they were leaving so couldn?t really chat. Amazing news for me?looks like they will come to England round October time according to Thomas and Bernd. :D 
    Oh yeah I said hello to Jamie T?s front guy?he is from London?I live an hour away from there?just wanted to hear an English accent really. He was very happy to see someone from home and gave me a huge hug?I didn?t have the heart to tell him that I don?t like his band.:S
    Yeah so we somehow got into a conversation with a guy from California. Turns out he is part of the two guys from the gas station and they are all in a band called Killing the dream. Their van had broken down and they had to stay by the Arena another day before they could continue their tour.
    Funniest thing though?they knew the Beatsteaks. The guitarist owns 48/49! He used to follow all bands on the label Epitaph and he knew of the Beatsteaks 10 years ago! But didn?t realise they were still around. It is such a small world!
    We chatted to them all night and 15 hours later from when I left my house I was back home and went to bed at 6am. What a day! I am just amazed still at how good the show was and everything else as well! If you have never seen the Beatsteaks live and you get the opportunity, I say Go! It will be amazing!

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  • wow :D

    ".. hope you dont get too bored while reading it...if you read it at all.."

    haha fuck sake :p we'll read it, no worries
    I know what your talking about with the teenies acting all hardcore.. what's up with that? I got in a fight with a fifteen year old during a concert in groningen, because I was taller then he was :vogel_3:

    anyway maaaan what a concert!! I can imaging it completely: the dancing, the fun, the crushing :mrgreen:

    beatsteaks back on tour in the uk? niiiiiccceeee!
    must have been a fun eve for you, oi wanted to ask if you got any pictures taken with the beatsteaks or jamie-t. .but nevermind.. (we'll start a fund for a new camera :P )

    and how strange with the band you met, I mean, what are they odds?

    sounds like a crazy night.. damn :headbang: :mrgreen:

  • definatly was crazy!
    :mrgreen: thank you for reading it all! :mrgreen:

    yeah the littleyoungones are the worst concert goers nowadays! they are bloody scary and violent!

    ooo a camera fund would becool! hehehe! thenew one i bought i had to bring back today because it was playing up. rubbish! gotta choose a replacement now.

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  • Ooookay here comes my review before i forget all!

    FINLAND - Tavastia, Helsinki 27.9.2007

    My second Beatsteaks-concert. I was really excited because i thought they'd never come to Finland. But whadda ya know!

    So, me and my friend left on wednesday to Turku to my sister's and on thursday, the day of the concert, the three of us went to Helsinki. We stayed at my sister's friend. We ate and watched tv and so on and then my sister's friend's boyfriend said that he'll come to the concert too because one of his friend was going there. It was really nice that he came too because we had no idea how to get "home" from Tavastia. :mrgreen:

    We left around 9pm. and we went by metro. We had some difficulties finding Tavastia (we had never been there) but finally we found it! Me and my friend went in first in case they'd ask for our id's. But they didn't, so my sister came right after us. I was a bit worried that there wouldn't be so much crowd but i worried over nothing! There was a lot of german, english, french and swedish people, exchange students maybe?

    We waited about 20 minutes and then the doors to the stage was opened and we ran like crazy in front of the stage. (my sister's friend's boyfriend disappeared with his friend) I noticed that in front of the stage was us and a lot of german girls. lol! Then we had to wait some more before the warm-up, The Heartburns came to the stage. They played punkrock and the music wasn't bad at all but i was annoyed by the singer of the band because he acted like he wasn't intrested in singing at all! He just drank beer during the songs and left before they finished their last song. It was rude! But the rest of the band acted nicely. After they left we started to get a little nervous and my sister was going crazy :mrgreen:

    Finally Beatsteaks came on stage! Peter made some funny faces to us because we were right in front of him and made me laugh! When Arnim came, my sister screamed so loud i had to yell to her "CALM DOWN!" several times because i she was screaming right next to my ear :mrgreen:
    After that everything went well (i had to yell to my sister again but..) and the atmosphere was very nice! Their first song was As I Please and i think they were a bit surprised that we sang along.
    During the second song Demons galore Arnim came right in front of us for the first time and i couldn't help it - i had to touch his leg! Or first i just poked it.. LOL! (and of course my sister went nuts again)

    We really were in a good place because Arnim came so many times right in front of us and Peter too! Bernd came once also, during Frieda und die bomben. And no one pushed us, at least not for the whole time.

    It was funny when after one song some guys started to shout "Beatsteaks" and Peter went all "Oh come on, that's too much!" And in some point Arnim made us very happy by saying "We were in Sweden last night and it was SHIT, this is much better!" Sorry Sweden, we just were better. ;) :mrgreen:

    Of course we had to kneel during Let me in and "go crazy". During Hand in hand Arnim went to the stairs where people were standing and asked "is this the vip section?" Lol! He crowdsurfed too but they didn't have their surfboard with them.

    it was definitely the best concert i've ever been in and Arnim kept repeating that they'll come again for sure! It was so nice to see that they enjoyed playing in Tavastia and the audience enjoyed too! They played Ain't complaining, I don't care, Ego and many more but my setlist is in the other room right now!

    I laughed every time i watched my friend because she was 8o for the whole time.. She was so amazed by Peter! Luckily one stage hand gave her Peter's setlist but everyone wanted Arnim's setlist so the guy just threw it in the audience and after a little fight i go it, it ripped a bit but at least i got it :mrgreen: It was a shame that we had to leave right away but it the gig was so great that i didn't really mind.

    Pheeww i hope someone reads this though it's loooong. I have just one thing to complain about: Thomas was the only one topless! But i think i can live with that.. My review can be a little messy because i didn't remember everything right away and then i added things in places :mrgreen: Like this next thing: my sister's friend's boyfriend liked Beatsteaks too and he hadn't even heard of them before the gig. So they must be good! i think that was all.. Vielen dank! I'm tired. :mrgreen:

  • awww! thank you for the review! that sounds so great!makes me excited about the london gigwhich is also in a small venue! I also looked at ur pics on myspace! very cool! :mrgreen: glad it was a gd concert and the Finland/Sweden comparison made me laugh because my housemate isSwedish and his girlfirend is Finnish and they argue about that all the time! hahaha!

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  • nice review, nice pics on myspace, and very nice position for taking fotos

    lovely ;)

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  • Okies...i dont really know what to write about this gig because it is currently being overshadowed by my huge amounts of work... but I will give it a go :D
    Finally we get to go and see the guys play! Been waiting like 6 months and it has nearly been a year since i saw them in Vienna! I was so excited, even though at home i had so much work waiting for me.Me and my best friend Lanny got on the Bus from Brighton to London at 3pm and then ate dinner at victoria coach station...McDonalds of course...which was odd because the last McDonalds I had was in NYC. lol. but anyway...we got to Camden Town at about 6.30pm. and had no clue where to go...asked a police man for directions and he basically laughed at us as Underworld you could virtually see from the underground station. so we went into the bar and had a couple of drinks, realising very quickly that our language of secrecy (german) was not going to be very secret today, as there were alot of Germans around. hehe.
    It started to rain so we couldnt be bothered to queue and just went in once the rain stopped around 7.30pm. We eyed up the merchandise but had no money, shame. Then we stood in the second row and just relaxed and sang and danced a little to the music that was playing. Until we saw that the Beatsteaks were playing til 11pm. our bus back to brighton went at 11.30pm. meaning we may not be able to stay for the whole gig. made us a bit sad. we could have gotten a bus at 3am back to brighton but then we wouldnt have been back before 7am and we had an exam the next day. rubbish.
    well the support band came on and played a half hour set. was very enjoyable and we danced about!may go and see them again!
    Then the drums got changed around and funnily enough when thomas was startingto tune them some people starting screaming and he acted all nervous.i cant describe it but it made me laugh.lol.
    I dont remember much of the setlist but i know the guys started with As i please....oh yeah the stage...the stage was like knee high on me without barriers...this would prove to be fatal to my trousers later on.
    but yeah you could touch them basically,but i am glad there were no people grabbing them! that would just be rude. As i please was followed by demons galore followed by atomic love. they gyes were in a really good mood and smiling and having fun. there was lots of eye contact with the crowd and pulling faces! was really nice.
    Things that stood out were the little DJ set with the robot dancing and then Torsten's and Arnim;s little dance routine! For some reason my favourite song this time was Hey Du.It was played right at the perfect moment allowing me to get a breather and being so close to the band i just properly felt the song for the first time i think.
    during IDCALAYS Arnim climbed on a little banister and just sat there singing, dangling his feet and looking over the crowd. no crowd surfing though.
    funniest moment...during hail of the freaks i think it was, some girl managed to climb onto the stage and tried to pull her friend up, hitting Peter's microhone out of the way, causing him to shake his head and arnim was trying to gently nudge her back into the crowd but then stopped the guys and peter was like "what are you doing? are you crazy? it is only a song!?"and they got sent back into the crowd. lol. and hail to the freaks was my other favourite song. it just fitted with how i was feeling, especially as after that was let me in and we had to leave.
    sadly we didnt get to say bye or thank you to the guys but i think they also had a great time and i hope they come again very soon.
    we nearly missed our bus as unknowingly to us part of the underground was shut off until september. but it all worked out. exhausted, with ripped trousers,completely soaked from sweat, water and beer and with huge smiles on our faces we giggled our way home on the bus and sat the exam the next day which was terrible. but it was well worth it!i cant wait until the next concert! pics soon to follow.:)
    thank you for reading and i hope ididnt bore you too much! :mrgreen:

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  • Zitat

    Original von furtherseemsforever
    And in some point Arnim made us very happy by saying "We were in Sweden last night and it was SHIT, this is much better!" :

    I watched the vids on youtube from Stockholm.. and that was my reaction too.

    possible explanation: I WASN*T THERE :mrgreen:

    feels sad in my heart though that they felt that way, they won't really say: "yaaay, we're so gonna go to Sweden again!!" :(

    Seems like a lot of very nice concert experiences :mrgreen:

    I will read more carefully when I have more time :mrgreen:

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  • damn punkmik, that sounds like one FUCKING AWESOME concert!!! I know what you mean with the 'hey du' thing, I felt exactly the same in groningen! their setlist is just perfect :) 
    and again: NO, you didn't bore me with your story, your writing-style is very nice, and easy to read :mrgreen:
    man I just got back from dauwpop and Im on the edge of exhaustion!

    short review:
    The guys are setting up their equipment and the sun starts shining. As I look around the tent is still empty, except for the beatsteaks diehards standing in front of the stage since the last concert. My friend en me end up at the left of the stage, and we watch bernde and torsten soundchecking for a while. There was something wrong with all the amps and stuff.. so the soundcheck takes a while.
    After a while they start with As I Please and all is well. The first two/three rows are going wild and the rest of the audience is just smiling, quietly watching. Then they kick in with Demons Galore and after a minute or so, suddenly Thomas stops drumming and Arnim stops the rest of the band .. the footpeddle for the bassdrum is broken!!
    Armin:' Wooooooohh! we have a big technical problem! We can not continue people!
    audience: 'aaaaaaawwwww'
    Arnim: 'how to handle this proffesionally..' *starts beatboxing* 'well lets introduce the band!!'
    after a couple of seconds a new footpeddle arrives and the guys continue..
    Suddenly there is this big BEEEEEEEEP and the guys are laughing their asses off :D
    After that the concert is still quite normal, untill the moment where arnim is acting shy, hiding behind the side of the stage! He took his wireless mic (they had only one wireless mic) and jumps off stage, dropping his mic SMASHING IT COMPLETLY .. soo I don't know what he was planning to do, but he gets back on stage and starts singing his song, funny moment :)
    With E-G-O torsten was singing the 'E-G-O' part and the mic/amp (i don't know) is so fucked up his voice completly changes , and I looked all shocked at bernde (like WTF) and he started laughing again..
    Great festival dauwpop! great equipment :mrgreen:
    Some other funny things: arnim dancing in the crowd a couple of times, and he got this little boy on stage (maybe an 11year old??) and let him stagedive, that was very cute :)
    Maaaaaaan, I liked it a lot, but the audience (yes the dutch people!) weren't very excited.. so that was kinda sad..
    oh and at the final song, let me in, there was this old guy who didn't wanted to sit down so arnim was all like: 'hey come on! get down!'
    and the guy shook his head, didn't do it. arnim: 'ok. Then get out the tent!'

    it was just waaaaaaaaaaay to short, 45 fucking minutes.. that ain't a lot :rotzunge:
    but for a festival concert quite allright :mrgreen:

    edit: and I got berndes plectrum!!! :D

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  • I loved both your konzi reviews. They are funny and nice for the eyes! :D


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  • that sounds like such a random concert! one thing breaking after the other!well at least the guys could laugh about it! glad you had a nice time. I hate it when people seem to be disrespectful like that guy...but then you dont have to do what the band tells you to. but it is just a bit of fun, right?

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  • Zitat

    Original von Punkmik
    that sounds like such a random concert! one thing breaking after the other!well at least the guys could laugh about it! glad you had a nice time. I hate it when people seem to be disrespectful like that guy...but then you dont have to do what the band tells you to. but it is just a bit of fun, right?

    and getting a plectrum isn't bad :mrgreen: :s-liebe:

    [URL=http://www.keinbockaufnazis.de/]http://www.keinbockaufnazis.de/[/URL] :respekt_2: [SIZE=10]Marlena Shaw[/SIZE][IMG]http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y241/zlatanfansalbum/wub.gif[/IMG]
  • yeah it was really funny! arnim just ignored him after that and the audience started jumping when let me in, kicked in again :)
    I just think it might take another year or two before I'll see them again.. Im still planning 'huttenpop' or the wuhlheide, but Im not so sure about that. My school allready starts at 18.08 :rotzunge:

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