• Haha! I also just found a translation of "Schlecht"that i did a while ago. Again, feedback is welcome. :)

    Multicoloured tracksuit bottoms,
    Golds-Gym T-shirt tucked in,
    No one scares you anymore,
    and because of your doggy you have become someone better. Actually I feel sorry for you! But today I?ll make some time for you! When I hear the way you talk I feel sick,
    The way you look about makes me sick.
    When I realise how you check me out I feel sick, I feel sick.
    You are a poor copy of yourself!
    Even if you don?t like it!
    I know you are not listening to me, because no one is as cool,
    as cool as you

    [align=center][B]!Homophobia is Gay![/B][/align][align=center][URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL][/align]
  • Very nice! thank you!
    Finally I understand a bit more about the things bernde is screaming about :P

    Maybe 'The way you look about makes me sick'-part is better translated with (when I see) 'how you are looking around it makes me sick' or 'how you are looking around yourself it makes me sick'

    .. but hey, who the fuck am I?

    [COLOR=firebrick][SIZE=12][FONT=courier new]; ))[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

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  • do feel free to create a topic for it.:Pi was simply too lazy!

    [align=center][B]!Homophobia is Gay![/B][/align][align=center][URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL][/align]