Automatic video

  • It has been a while but let's take the opportunity to talk about the new video.

    The single is called Automatic and the Band shows how flexible they are in the video.

    Have a look!

    What do you think? Is it your favourite? Dies it fit the song? Or maybe you imagined something very different?

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  • In my opinion the new video is just ok. Sure it's kind of funny but i prefer the live version from the two concerts in berlin. If you haven't seen it so far, you can watch it on
    I've occupied (is it the right word?) myself a lot with video creation including effects and there several things in the new video that annoy me. For example in some scenes their heads have the wrong size compared to their bodies. So i prefer watching the live impressions :)

  • Thanks! I will watch the live versions later and compare! have not been able to catch up on everything!

    You can say that you occupied yourself with something so thats perfectly understandable. :) cheers for the links!

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