Things You Would Like To Ask Beatsteaks

  • What would you ask ?

    Or did you already make your own interview ?

    Fans vs Reporters :mrgreen:

    sometimes we think that they ask kind of stupid things (at least I do), but would we do a better job ? :gruebel:

    I guess my greatest fear would be to BORE them, which would be a very good reason to SHUT UP in the first place :O

    But you know, curiosity killed the cat. :( ;)

    Ok, I begin with the stupid stuff that I would like to ask. Practice makes perfect. :D

    OH AND OF COURSE NO INVASION OF PRIVATE SPHERE... I would try to just be very PERSONAL, without being PRIVATE ;) *nods*


    To every member of the band:

    Development in musical taste from 0 years to present day:

    - what were your first musical faves as a kid?
    - first record you bought with your own money?
    - first live concert you went to?
    - describe the musical scene around you when you grew up and got interested in music (I was thinking East/West Berlin musical scene?, local bands-german bands-international/english speaking bands? eastern european bands and development of that scene? other?)
    - Nena? Yes? No?
    - Nina? (Hagen) Yes? No?


    - Good student or bad student?
    - School? "Yes it was great!!" "No it sucked!!"

    For Arnim:

    - In a brief online biography on you it says you went to Die Ostdeutsche Artistenschule. What was that like?

    - did you have to do admission tests/get selected?
    - what kind of classes did you do?
    - was it a strict school? or just normal? co-educational?
    - which subjects did you like? or not like so much?

    Just some stuff - for every member of the band:

    Do you remember what you did the day the wall was torn down?

    ok, that was just some questions I was thinking of, don't know if they have already been covered i interviews ;) prolly some at least should not have been... ;)



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