• I saw it a couple of days ago and it is crazy! but i really like it. especially the crazy running around the wood part and the lighting at the end when they perform. :mrgreen:

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  • I was wondering what people thought of the meantime video? Meantime

    I wasnt at home when it came out and havnt ever seen it on TV only on youtube and i dont really like it...maybe because i love the song so much and i had my own music video in my head! lol!

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  • I don't not like it. But I dont' love it! Why? Because it is so distant, the concert takes, the graphics, the situations, it makes it feel distant, like vacuum, and past tense.. It feels almost like a goodbye, looking back at the good times.. :(

    and what beatsteaks freak wants to hear a GOODBYE :evil: :(

    "what matters now is story soon" ;(

    watch me overcome what i'm running from and change the tune
    so i let it go what matters now is story soon
    i get up - try my luck
    it starts to call on me
    never sure how it feels
    so let it rain on me

    in the meantime you're in between time

    what I care to see - lay you hands on me and just for now
    let me bury too what is scaring you six feet underground

    got a whole bag of trouble to be taken away
    and my veins keep throbbin when I'm out on display
    couldn't this be the moment to discover my intentions
    will you ever?
    may be never
    take me away to be closer

    anyhoe some depressing thoughts.. sry

    Demons galore on the other hand :mrgreen: but I will get back to that one ;)

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  • yeah for some reason my housemate has got this addiction to the cut off the top video now. last night we had it on 5 times in a row! i love it though! makes me laugh!

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